Cheese Application

Acid Casein

Acid casein is a milk-derived protein, rich in essential amino acids, widely used in the food industry. It is produced by skimming and pasteurizing milk, followed by acid coagulation to form curds. After rinsing and separating from whey protein, lactose, and minerals, acid casein is obtained.

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Rennet Casein

Rennet casein is a milk protein known for its rich content of essential amino acids and calcium. It is a highly nutritious and functional protein with excellent texturizing properties. Produced from skimmed and pasteurized milk, it undergoes coagulation with rennet. The resulting curd is rinsed and separated from whey protein, lactose, and minerals to obtain a purified product. The purified curd is then concentrated and dried, retaining a higher amount of protein and calcium compared to acid casein.

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Butter Milk Powder Sweet

Our sweet buttermilk powder is known for its high emulsifying properties and its ability to provide a rich, creamy mouthfeel. It is specially formulated to enhance the flavor of chocolates, ice cream, dairy desserts, and other dairy-based products.

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Butter Milk Powder Acid

Buttermilk has a composition similar to skimmed milk. When the cream is churned to produce butter, the liquid portion that separates from the butter is known as buttermilk. Acid Buttermilk Powder is created through a spray drying process. It possesses excellent emulsifying properties and offers a rich, creamy mouthfeel with a slightly acidic taste.

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Lactose 100 mesh

Spray-dried lactose 100 mesh is a fine lactose powder with particles of relatively small size. The “100 mesh” designation indicates that the lactose powder has been sieved through a mesh with 100 openings per linear inch. This specific particle size is preferred in applications where a finer texture or faster dissolution is desired.

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Lactose 200 mesh

Spray-dried lactose 200 mesh is an even finer grade of lactose powder with smaller particles. The “200 mesh” designation indicates that the lactose powder has been sieved through a mesh with 200 openings per linear inch, resulting in improved flowability and easier dispersion in various applications compared to lactose 100 mesh.

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Functional Blends by Castle Dairy

Castle 1/12 IC 

Castle 1/12 IC is a versatile dairy preparation specifically designed to substitute skimmed milk powder in various food industry applications. It serves as an excellent ingredient for bakery and pastry, ice cream, confectionery sauces, cheese, and yogurt. With its well-balanced composition and properties, Castle 1/12 IC is an ideal choice for enhancing the quality and functionality of your food products.

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Castle 1/28 IC

Castle 1/28 IC is a versatile dairy product that serves as an excellent substitute for skimmed milk powder. It is particularly well-suited for applications such as ice cream, chocolate, biscuits, and sauces. Additionally, it can enhance the dry extract of skimmed milk, processed cheese, desserts, and creams.

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Castle 5/31 KR

Castle 5/31 KR food formula is a combination of skim milk and spray-dried refined coconut fat. This blend is specifically formulated for food applications. It provides the benefits of skim milk, such as protein content, along with the properties of refined coconut fat. This combination can be used in various food products to enhance flavor, texture, and nutritional profile.

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