Plant-Based Ingredients

Castle Ingredients® is an international and forward-thinking company operating in the food industry, headquartered in Hombourg, Belgium. We specialize in the production and processing of a diverse array of plant-based ingredients, offering a wide range of innovative products beyond our renowned malt flours.

At Castle Ingredients®, we take pride in our commitment to environmental responsibility, making it a central pillar of our mission.

Our dedicated team is wholeheartedly devoted to delivering top-tier products, professional services, and exceptional customer support to meet the unique needs of our clients. We're here to help you create outstanding culinary experiences with our diverse range of plant-based offerings.

Malt Flour

Elevate your recipes with our malt flours, adding flavour and colour to your products naturally.

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Uniquely roasted grains with caramelised flavours. Ideal for chocolate, biscuits, and toppings.

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Discover our selection of nuts, offering exceptional flavour for a wide range of  applications.

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Explore our roasted seeds, carefully crafted to add a rich, crunchy texture and delightful flavour to your products.

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Discover our baking premixes, blended to simplify your baking process while ensuring delicious results.

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Explore our premium selection of pulses  renowned for their nutritional value and culinary versatility.

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Vegan Protein

Discover our plant-based protein innovations, including egg yolk substitutes and other products.

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Castle Ingredients retail line

Explore our selection of organic consumer goods. Whether it's breakfast, snacking, or cooking, we provide a variety of options, including toasted seeds, cereals, flours, and baking premixes.

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