Dairy Ingredients

Established in 1934 in Belgium, Castle Dairy® is among the world's oldest dairy firms, specializing in dried dairy products and nutritional blends. Collaborating closely with customers and R&D, we offer tailored blends, including Private Label options. Our cost-effective dairy solutions serve various sectors such as bakery, ice-cream, cheese, chocolate, beverages, and more. With a global network.

Castle Dairy® sources and trades globally. We streamline logistics with transportation, distribution, and export services, backed by a solar-paneled warehouse for eco-friendly production.

Product Applications


Enhance the texture, taste, and moisture retention of baked goods with our dairy powders, ideal for bread, pastries, and other bakery products.


Achieve creamy consistency and richer flavors in ice-creams by integrating our dairy powders, ensuring smooth mouthfeel and optimal melt.



Our dairy powders can be used in cheese-making processes to standardize milk composition and produce cheeses with consistent quality and flavor.



  Improve the milkiness and smoothness of chocolates by incorporating our dairy powders, ensuring a luxurious taste in every bite.  


Elevate the richness and flakiness of pastries using our dairy powders, ensuring they remain moist and flavourful.


Sport Nutrition 

Boost the protein content of sports nutrition products, such as protein bars or shakes, using our dairy powders for sustained energy and muscle recovery.


Our dairy powders contribute to a creamier texture and consistent taste in yogurts, enhancing their nutritional profile.


Perfect for vending machine beverages, our dairy powders offer a quick-dissolving solution to deliver tasty, creamy drinks on demand.  


Achieve a creamy consistency in white sauces, gravies, and dips using our dairy powders, ensuring a rich taste in every serving.


From lattes to milk teas, our dairy powders dissolve seamlessly, offering beverages a creamy texture and enhanced dairy flavour.


Our dairy powders can act as binders in meat products, retaining moisture, improving texture, and enhancing flavour in items like sausages and meatballs.  


  From puddings to custards, our dairy powders offer desserts an enhanced creamy texture and a delectable dairy flavour.

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