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Take a tour of our factory in Hombourg, Belgium
  This is where all the needs of your business are being met.
Over 910MWh of electricity is made each year by the 3278 solar panels that cover 10500 sq. m. of the factory's roof.
With this power, tasks like bagging, milling, mixing, and many others are done every day.
The best part is, Castle Ingredients only uses up 69% of the total generated energy, injecting the residual 41% into the Belgian electricity grid.


A dream turned to reality. Meet our new plant in Lontzen, Belgium

Take a sneak peek at the project of our new plant in Lontzen.
The 35000 sq.m. warehouse is fully powered by a 6MW photovoltaic installation, making it 100% green and eco-friendly.
The extra space has allowed us to increase the spectrum of operations, the storage capacity, and the quality of our services.