Thermal Processing

Castle Group®  boasts the world's largest electrical installation for heat treatment. Our state-of-the-art facility can handle a wide production capacity, ranging from 50 kg to 5000 kg per process per hour.

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Specialization in the processing of
plant-based ingredients
Use of special custom-made
industrial heat treatment units
Elimination of pathogens
Technology approved and validated
by the FDA
Preservation of organoleptic qualities
and homogeneous treatment
A wide range of applications


Enhance the natural flavors and textures of nuts, seeds, spices, beans & pulses, flours, coffee beans, and cacao nibs through expert toasting and roasting. Our precise methods bring out rich, aromatic profiles, ensuring a delightful culinary experience.


Prioritise safety and extend shelf life with our pasteurisation process. By effectively eliminating pathogens in nuts, seeds, spices, beans & pulses, flours, and other products, we ensure that your goods maintain quality while meeting the highest standards of food safety.


Elevate your product stability with our controlled drying techniques.
From grains to nuts, seeds, spices, beans & pulses, flours, coffee beans, and cacao nibs, our drying process reduces moisture, enhancing shelf life and preserving the natural characteristics of each item.


Infuse distinct flavors into nuts, seeds, spices, beans & pulses, flours, and more with our expert seasoning. Achieve customized taste profiles and unique seasoning combinations that cater to diverse culinary preferences.

Steam flushing

Steam flushing involves the strategic use of steam to either extract valuable fractions for collection or eliminate undesired fractions from the product. This method employs the controlled application of steam, directed through the product, serving the dual purpose of targeted extraction or removal based on the specific objectives for enhancing the product quality.

Enzyme activation/deactivation

Achieve precision in product characteristics with our enzyme activation and deactivation processes. Tailored for grains, nuts, seeds, beans & pulses, flours, and other items, this technique allows for controlled enzymatic activity, optimizing texture and quality.


Prioritize safety with our sterilisation process, applicable to grains, nuts, seeds, spices, beans & pulses, flours, coffee beans, cacao nibs, and other items. By eliminating pathogens, we guarantee a product that meets stringent safety standards.

Protein denaturation

Modify the texture and processing qualities of nuts, seeds, beans & pulses, and more through protein denaturation. Our expert techniques alter protein structures, enhancing product characteristics and versatility.

Extraction of toxic molecules

Ensure product safety with our extraction process. From grains to nuts, seeds, spices, beans & pulses, flours, coffee beans, cacao nibs, and more, we remove harmful substances, contributing to a healthier and safer final product.

Grain puffing

Create unique textures and characteristics in grains through our grain puffing process. Elevate the appeal of your products with distinctive and eye-catching attributes.


Tailor carbohydrate profiles to your specifications with our saccharification process. Ideal for grains, beans & pulses, flours, and more, achieve the desired sweetness and functionality in your products through our expert techniques.

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