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For Castle Ingredients® every production process is unique, because all applications are treated with two key elements: quality and security.

Castle Ingredients® is an international and innovative company, part of the Castle group beside Castle Malting® and Castle Dairy®.

Located in Hombourg, Belgium, Castle Ingredients® is an expert in a wide range of services such as: toasting, roasting, pasteurization, stabilization, drying, saccharification, sterilization, all of which enhance the product's taste, color and/or preservation period.

Respectful and concerned about the environment in which it operates, Castle Ingredients® is taking any possible step to reduce as much as possible its ecological footprint and become a green company. 

We are an innovative company with a great team that works with dedication and passion to provide services that exceed customers’ expectations.

Our assets make our power: high quality, productivity, efficiency, flexibility, competitiveness and expert know-how in processing your goods in conformity with your requirements and related legislation.

Here, we commit you will receive the same premium quality products and high-professional services at very competitive prices, on-time delivery, with the same dedication to excellence you’ve come to rely on, from Castle Malting and Castle Dairy.

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